Quorum sensing: The future of animal gut health

Source: AllAboutFeed.net, 20 Feb 2019

By: Dr Hongyu Xue Director, Life Sciences, Amlan International

Understanding how bacterial communication results in virulence is providing new insights into animal gut health and disease, insights that today’s feed industry can leverage now.

The risk of disease is a fact of life for farmers, ranchers and food animal producers whether they are raising crops, pigs, poultry, fish or shrimp. Disease results from a pathophysiologic process that involves not only the pathogen (e.g. bacterium, virus or fungus) but also the host’s microbiota and immune response. At the root of enteric infections is an imbalance in the intestinal immune-microbiota axis. Consequently, the complex interactions between feed, microbiome and host immune system have emerged as a primary focus for devising new strategies to combat livestock intestinal health issues.

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