Complete Biotoxin Control

Biotoxins produced by pathogenic bacteria cost the global livestock and aquaculture industries more than $10 billion annually. These toxins damage healthy intestinal lining and gut barrier function and can be 100,000 times more toxic to animals than fungal toxins.

Only Calibrin-Z actively defends the intestinal barrier from the broadest spectrum of biotoxins.


Enterosorbent for Mycotoxins

Mycotoxicosis is a major source of production loss in the livestock industry. Calibrin-A is a low-inclusion, affordable option to use in all rations for controlling common mycotoxins. Each dose provides a maximum count of adsorbent particles to quickly control toxin molecules before they can be absorbed by animals.

Calibrin AquaBTC

Biotoxin Control for Aquaculture

Aquaculture is quickly becoming the fastest growing food production industry worldwide. But the intensive culture of farmed shrimp and fish in unique production environments has resulted in bacterial infection outbreaks that have cost the industry billions of dollars in annual revenue.

Our aquaculture bacterial control product has been designed to meet the needs of this rapidly changing industry. Calibrin AquaBTC is a bacterial toxin adsorbent that is specially manufactured to work in the anatomy and organs of juvenile aquaculture species.

ConditionAde 2.5

Mycotoxin Binder

ConditionAde 2.5 mycotoxin binder for livestock is natural, safe, and effective against the most common mycotoxins. When incorporated into feed, ConditionAde 2.5 binds mycotoxins in the digestive tract of animals, resulting in improved body weight gain and feed intake.

In vitro and in vivo studies support the ability of ConditionAde 2.5 to alleviate the effects of mycotoxicosis without any adverse effects to livestock.